Saw & Blade Sharpening

ScissorsAdelaide Saw Works can sharpen just about anything!  With over 80 years combined experience in the sharpening business we have provided professional saw and tool sharpening services to local and interstate businesses; servicing domestic, industrial and commercial establishments.

 Augers  Hand Plane Irons  Saws
 Axes  Hedge Shears  Scissors
 Bandsaw Blades  Kitchen Knives  Secateurs
 Chainsaws  Knives  - All Types  Shears
 Chisels  Masonary Drill Bits  Slotting Cutters
 Countersinks  Mincer Plates & Cutters  Spade Bids
 Dovetail Saw  Mill Saw Blades  Spindle Cutters
 Drill Bits  Pinking Shears  Steel Saw Blades
 Chisels  Planer & Joiner Knives  Tin Snips
 Forstner Bits  Pruner Saws  Tools
 Guillotine Knives  Routers  Tungsten Blades

At Adelaide Saw Works, all our machines are from the world leading manufacturers.  Our machines include band saws, circular saws, HSS, Tool and Cutter Grinding Machines.

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