The dictionary defines tradition as: “the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice...”. That in a nut shell best describes the 70 year history of the Adelaide Saw Works.

Ken Allen, the founder of the Adelaide Saw Works was a man of tremendous common sense and possessed the talent of a craftsman. He spent his early days driving his truck to all the timber mills sharpening their saws.

The next generation Allen family, bought a premise in central Adelaide (next to the Adelaide Central Market) and built up a fast expanding clientele and reputation as Adelaide’s best “Saw Doctor”.

With machines to grind and sharpen ‘everything and anything’, Adelaide Saw Works expanded and moved location to service the industrial and domestic markets.

Today, the business is now located at Athol Park and continues to offer efficient and prompt service.

We offer a wide range saw and blade sharpening services within Australia. Specialising in:-

Supply & Sharpening of All Industrial & Domestic Blades - Both Circular & Bandsaw
Metal & Paper Guillotines - Buzzer & Thicknesser Blades
Our sharpening service employs various machines to ensure optimum precision and consistent high quality.

Adelaide Saw Works is confident that customers will welcome the fast turn-around time and precision sharpening only possible with our machinery coupled with our skilled operators.

We sharpen, supply and install Australia wide.

At Adelaide Saw Works - We Sharpen Anything & Everything!!